Future Health BIOBANK

Biobank is a place, where stem cells can be stored. Cord blood banking is the process of collecting, processing and storing these cells for use in future stem cell therapies. We enable private stem cells storage for the parents, who are giving birth in Estonia and have decided to insure their baby’s health for the future.

Sample collection takes place in Estonia – in the East-Tallinn Central Hospital and the processing and storage of stem cells takes place in the Future Health Biobank in UK.

Future Health Biobank is one of the biggest stem cell banks in Europe and the world’s most accredited stem cell bank. With over 190,000 samples from over 94 different countries, you can be confident that your sample is processed and stored by the most experienced and trusted bank. As soon as you need the cells for treatment, the Future Health Biobank will send the samples free of charge to the hospital chosen by you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide parents with a sense of security by storing their baby’s  stem cells in the Future Health Biobank.

Our Vision

Promote the value of a healthy life.

Our Values
  • Expertise – our services are based on the results of scientific clinical research
  • Reliability – we guarantee the quality of our services in cooperation with the world’s most accredited stem cell bank
  • Commitment – we advise each client personally