Stem Cell Banking

Healthy Future is in Your Hands

Stem Cell Banking

Healthy Future is in Your Hands

Why to store the Stem Cells?

Stem cells can be used to treat very many diseases and conditions. They are essential to the healthy function of our bodies. The key property of all stem cells is that they can replicate endlessly and replace/renew many types of damaged cells in the body making them essential for treating damage repair through disease, illness or injury. In fact, stem cells can divide and replicate over 200 types of specialist cells that are linked to the function of your immune system, heart, oxygen distribution and much more.

Choose a reliable stem cell bank

Future Health Biobank is the UK’s Largest Stem Cell Bank. Our state of the art processing technology enables cell recovery rates of up to 99% pre-freeze, leaving the most stem cells possible in your sample and giving your child the best chance of successful treatment in the future. We have collected samples from more than 94 countries worldwide and more than 100 000 families have trusted us. this making us a true global leader in stem cell banking. 118 samples have been released from our storage facilities for use around the world including in the UK, Europe, Middle East and USA. This is more than any other UK stem cell bank. Your child’s stem cells are safe here.

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Customers about us

"We got your contact from the hospital with our doctor. We decided to do this procedure because our first child had leukemia. Sampling at delivery was fast. Everything went well. We are grateful."
(34 a)
"I heard about the possibility of stem cell preservation from my girlfriend, who works as a family doctor nurse. While Googling, I reached a firm that provides this service in Estonia. Childbirth proceeded as planned, cells were picked up quickly and professionally. The only thing I regret is that my son, born 3 years ago, has no personal cells in the bank".
(31 a)
"I was 8 months pregnant when my husband was reading about the possibility of storing a baby's stem cells here in Estonia. The decision to take this step came quickly because our family has had both blood cancer and diabetes, for which we read that treatment options are very promising. Of course, we hope we never need the cells. The ELUMUS consultants answered all of our questions, plus information about the clinics where and what can be treated and what studies have been published (I am a medical professional, so evidence-based research is important to me)."
Family L. from Tallinn