Is it possible to collect and store umbilical cord stem cells in Estonia?

The collection of umbilical cord blood and tissue is processed in Estoniaat East-Tallinn Central Hospital. The storage – a bank of stem cells is located in United Kingdom, in Nottingham  – in the Future Health Biobank.  This is a high quality stem cell bank – safe and reliable, which responds to the highest security requirements.

East-Tallinn Central Hospital is the only hospital in Estonia, who has the license to process sample collection.

For more information please contact Future Health Solutions OÜ (ELUMUS) in Estonia.

 Why to store stem cells at all?

 The stem cells are stored to secure your child’s life. These cells are able to develop into various body cells and thus cure diseases and repair damaged tissues. Already now there are more than 85 diagnosis, where stem cell treatment is used as standard treatment. Year by year this list is increasing, as there are several hundred ongoing clinical trials, which have shown very positive outcome of treating serious diseases and injuries with stem cells.

Does the procedure cause any pain or discomfort? is it safe for the  mother and the child?

 The collection of the umbilical cord blood and cord tissue is a painless, non-invasive and risk-free procedure to both – mother and child, which takes less than 10 minutes. The collection does not interfere with the normal delivery process. Immediately after the birth of your baby, the umbilical cord is clamped and cut as normal. The blood or cord tissue sample can then be collected from the cord by certified healthcare professional.

Is it possible to carry out collection also in case of planned or unplanned/emergency Cesarean section?


When do you need to decide about stem cells collection and storage?

 Unique stem cells can only be taken from the baby’s umbilical cord blood and cord tissue at the time of birth, so it is a once in a lifetime opportunity! The decision by parents should be done earlier, before or during the pregnancy. We suggest to have the final decision latest 2 months before the expected date of delivery.

What are the reasons why parents have decided to store their child’s stem cells?

There are over a million cord blood samples in private storage across the world, and every one of those parents made that decision for a different reason. From varied reasons the most obvious was that the parents chose to invest in their baby’s future health, as the diseases and injuries might occur unexpectedly. Few other reasons can be pointed out, why the parents have made the decision more often:

  • Family illness: there has been some serious illness in the family: cancer, diabetes, immune or metabolic disorders or other.
  • Needed for siblings or parents: the baby’s own cells match 100% to her/him, but they may help well also the siblings or parents.
  • Adoption or donor ovum/sperm: in this case usually the biological parents are not known and child’s own cells can secure his/her health.
  • Quick availability: should the need for treatment ever arise, a privately stored stem cell sample can be accessed immediately and without any additional costs. From public cell banks it might take quite a time to find a matching sample and might be never found.

Is the Future Health Biobank secure enough to store my child’s stem cells?

 The answer is „Yes“. You can be sure that your samples will be stored in a really safe biobank. Already 75 000 families have trusted this bank. Why?  Because it is the world’s most accredited stem cell bank, with long experience and professional staff. There are strong security systems to guarantee right conditions for the cells no matter what happens. This is the only stem cell bank, who has 2 laboratories in 2 geographically different locations. Read more

How do I access my sample if it is needed?

If you need your sample, you just send the written request to Future Health Biobank and they will arrange the consent papers with you and work with your doctor to arrange the safe delivery of your sample to the transplant facility on the given date and time. You may choose the transplantation facility in whatever location in the world, FHT will send the samples there free of charge.