Stem Cell Storage

How to collect and store your baby’s stem cells in Estonia?
  • We recommend contacting our consultant for more information. Counseling is free of charge and is carried out by our consultants Dr. Merike and Reet Melia Sildre.
  • Take some time to think and discuss the information with your husband or a family. And feel free always to contact our consultants whenever you need.
  • Once you have decided to make an order, simply complete your storage agreement, sign it and return by e-mail:
  • The agreement will be signed between You, Future Health Technologies Ltd in UK and Future Health Solutions OÜ in Estonia. That will provide you with a guarantee for further steps. You have always the right to withdraw the Agreement.
  • After signing the contract we will contact you to arrange the payment of the initial deposit for your chosen service: storage of cord blood or both: cord blood and cord tissue.
  • As a next step, we will send the Collection Kit to the Delivery department at East-Tallinn Central Hospital* (Ravi street 18, Tallinn). Once the kit has arrived, you will receive confirmation by email. It will be stored there on your name till delivery.
  • Once your baby has been delivered and the hospital deem it safe, a certified midwife will collect your baby’s cord blood, cord tissue and the maternal bloods and place them into the collection kit.
  • Your samples will be transported by contracted courier to the laboratory in Nottingham in UK, to be tested, processed and stored at Future Health Biobank.
  • In about four weeks the parents will be provided with a certificate of storage detailing their unique identity code, the volume of blood stored, stem cell counts, and confirmation of the cord tissue viability. Also the maternal blood test results and the outcome of the micro-contamination testing will be sent.
  • Your samples will be stored in the Future Health Biobank for 25 years. It is possible to extend the storage period after that.
  • If any questions, you may always call or contact us in Estonia by or the customer service in UK

 *In Estonia only East-Tallinn Central Hospital has the licence to collect umbilical cord blood and tissue. The sample is collected by the midwives, who have gone through the special training and have been granted the certificate.


Future Health Biobank
  • All cord blood samples are processed before storage, to ensure they are stabilized prior to cryopreservation in Liquid Nitrogen.
  • Each sample is processed individually by highly experienced and qualified laboratory technician. The Future Health Biobank does not use the fully automated system, where multiple samples are processed simultaneously.  This is an important advantage,  because processing multiple samples at once could put the samples at risk of contamination.
  • Future Health will store for you multiple samples of cord tissue in separate cryogenic storage containers. These samples are frozen, ensuring that the whole tissue is available for use once treatments are available.
  • In addition, two samples of cord tissue are stored for quality control purposes. The sample is thawed, the cells extracted from the tissue and cultured. This is to ensure that only those samples are stored that contain viable (live) cells with the proliferation capability (ability to divide) required. This is to confirm the suitability for use in future treatments. Future Health Biobank is the only bank in Europe, where this kind of validation is done.